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mandag 9. februar 2009

Snow, snow - NOT tidelibom!

Usually I do think it's fun with snow - lots of snow. It is something extraordinary and fantastic with such an amount of white cold stuff that makes the world pretty at least for a little bit. And especially when the car is parked in a warm, dry and nice garage close to my front door. ..and especially when it's warm and nice with a crackling fire on the fireplace...

But it is NOT fun with snow when it's 7.45 am and minus 16 Celsius outside, and I am standing there on the outside platform waiting for a train which is NOT coming. Not fun when the train which usually takes 12 minutes to work takes 85 minutes to work, including a long detour (you don't think trains are not able to take detours? Well, they can, believe me!!!) and several long stops with the doors open. NOT fun when the bus I choose to take home from work, cause those f... trains do not work(!) never comes. So I am forced to wait outside in the blistering cold for 35 minutes!

It is a shame, it is more then a shame it is straight out embarrassing that a country who takes pride in being a snow country can't handle with 40 to 50 cm of snow.

Now I am finally at home on my way to a hot bathtub. There I will spend the time thinking about how to get to work tomorrow....

2 kommentarer:

  1. Have you tried skies? That might just be the trick these days. Nice blogg by the way. Congrats!

  2. Next time I will think about skies, why not?