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onsdag 4. mars 2009

Great conversations with my kids

When Vyom was a small baby I was dying to hear what he had to say. I was so curious about the content of his little head. I had an image of long and deep conversations with a cup of coffee for me and hot cocoa for my boy. We would talk about everything. What happen at school, who did he play with, who did he have a crush on, and of course all the big questions; What's out there behind the clouds? Does God exist? What happen to us when we die? What's the meaning with life? etc. etc.
But the conversations around the dinner table usually goes like this: Vyom: What's that green thing? Must I eat it? Urk, I don't like it! Me: It's a string bean, yes you must it - it's just one. And I don't want to hear you say you don't like it. Vyom: But I don't like it! Me: I don't care! Just eat it, now!!! Pause when Vyom pour a ton of ketchup on the string bean and eats it, act likes he is going to die and guggles down a glass of water. Me: What did you do at school today? Vyom: I played! Me: With whome? And did you not learn anything? Vyom: Yes, I had math. And I played with Mina, Theo, and Joachim. Mom, who is best in Star Wars? Is it ???? or ????? Me: I don't know ask your dad. Vyom: But today I was OB1(?) on this new level and it was realy hard and blablablabla clones blalablabla Princess Leah's guards blablabla. Me: Hmmmm. Vyom: Takk for maten (Thank's for the food) Vyom takes his plate and glass, put it by the dishwasher and leaves for the sofa and his DS game player. Me sitting left at the table wondering how my plan went wrong.