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fredag 13. november 2009

Street art and other art

I går satt jeg på Kampen Bistro og hygget meg stort med en vennine. Praten gled inn på kunst og gatekunst. Kom derfor på det fantastiske prosjektet til Dolk og Pøbel fra sommeren 2008.
For meg som er svak for både forlatte hus og grafitti kunst kan det jo ikke bli stort bedre.....

Bildene er lånt fra NRKs artikkel: http://www.nrk.no/nyheter/distrikt/nordland/1.6186843

mandag 9. november 2009

Home Sweet Home

In 3 months time our 2 years anniversary in this house is coming up. And believe it or not, but we are coming close to finishing. We was just changing some the floors and painting the staircase. Well, we ended up with bamboo floors with radient heat in on all floors, a small bathroom on the messanine, a fireplace, new kitchen, built in bookshelfs, paint all rooms and a few other small adjustments... So to the buglar reading this: We got nothing of value. We put all the money into remodeling the house.
And now we are about to finish now. Just to hang the pictures on the walls and some other small things left. So then it will be about time to start some new projects. So just to mark and remember the state the house is in now I will post some picts of the home we all love!

The entry. Small and cramed. But Dave's thrift store find - the nice little rug fits nice together with our own fleemarked tresure.

Hall on the first floor with doors into the bedrooms and the bathroom. Old doors was changed to new ones with frosted glass in to get light into the hallway.

Kids room is divided with a big sliding door. The door works as a blackboard and a magnetic board on both sides. This give the kisds a bit more room to play, but also the option of closing of when they wants some privacy.

Looking into Miro's room from Vyom's side.

Miro's room is not big. But the bed have big drawers with lots of room for toys and things. Nice job made of our friend Arne.

This belonged to my brother and me when we was small. Now it's hanging in Miro's room.

Our bedrom is as big as a small California style walk in closet.....

....but at least we got a window.

Going upstairs to second floor with living room and kitchen.

It's not big, but very comfortable.

A sofa to chill in.

View from the kitchen window.

Love and need my fireplace!

First time in my life I actually had a flower bed, got to say I do enjoy it! Part of turning into an adult?

Combined office and guestroom on the 3rd floor messanine.

...... and finaly the handles on the drawers are in place!