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søndag 8. februar 2009

Happy mothersday Sunday

Today is mothers day here in Norway. And it is still snowing - a lot. Mothers get to sleep late on this day, something I enjoyed too. And husbands or partners and kids make breakfast. It all works out beautiful for mothers. At least for this mother!
(Now I just wondered what couples of mothers do on this day? You know couples where it is two mothers and two kids - and that's it. Got to remember to ask that question..)
As I mention before - we have such terrific neighbours, and today was the big open fire - BBQ hot dogs on sticks and drink hot cocoa day. It felt almost like when I was a kid and went out on Sundays to ski. Except this time I did not have to put on my skis. I just wander out the door down in the backyard. Next door neighbour did go skiing though. Up the street and out in to the closest park. (It's so much snow here now you can just ski around in the streets. It's probably the easiest way to get around anyway. And yesterday Tae-Young saw two kids snowboarding down the street outside our kitchen window. Happy days!)
Well anyway, that was my Sunday. Slow and nice with lots of people and kids and chatting and take out for dinner from the slow food place in the back alley by the gym. Happy mothers day!

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